The “Let’s Talk” Coalition

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The “Let’s Talk” Coalition is a growing group of Non-Profits working to create kinder, safer schools. We  created this coalition because we believe that by empowering youth with conversation, tools and a belief in their own ability to effect change, we can put an end to bullying, dramatically decrease youth suicides, increase positive youth interaction and empower students and teachers to create healthier learning environments. We also believe that by providing youth with these tools, we are enabling them to take control of their environment and gain a better education, more fulfilling friendships, and better problem solving skills.

The “Let’s Talk” Coalition focuses on year round resources, materials, curriculum, assemblies and activities. We believe that with this constant attention on creating safe, fun, open environments in school, we will get a lasting result.

The “Let’s Talk” program starts with 4 basic, but important things. 

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“Safe To Talk” School Tipline

An extensive reporting tool that allows students to tip dangerous or unsafe situations via text, email or online. Tips are viewed by school admins allowing them to assign, track, follow up , and create history’s of tips.

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“Boot Out Bullying” Fundraiser

The “Boot Out Bullying” Fundraiser program allows us to pay for the costs associated with the “Let’s Talk” Program without asking the school or parents  to donate or buy anything. Students bring in old shoes, and they are sold to a recycling company, making it simple and effective.

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“RAD Youth Council” Student Ambassadors

The “RAD Youth Council” is made up of youth across Utah who are working to create a better environment. An Ambassador program is set up in your school, allowing students to feel truly empowered to change their environment, and use their voices.

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“Let’s Talk” Assembly

The launch assembly is a fun and educational assembly that helps establish, for students, what they can expect, how they can be involved, what they can do to help create and maintain a kinder school, and how they can make positive choices.


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Following the initial set up, schools will have access to other coalition members and programs to continue education throughout the year. An “Excuse Me While I Change The World” team member will always be available to help, so schools never have to waste valuable time.

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