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Goal: $5,000


Help Tanner spread his message of hope to schools across Utah. Funds will be used to help this nonprofit provide tools, resources and materials to students. Suicide is 100% preventable. Help Tanner “kick suicides butt”.

More About This Cause:

Tanner Kirk and his family are advocates of suicide prevention education. They believe that education and the breaking of suicide stigma are the only hope for reducing the devastating number of lives lost to suicide.

Several years ago Tanners life changed dramatically after he attempted suicide. Although he survived, he now has a condition called Dystonia, which tightens the muscles of the body. (Learn More About Dystonia Here) It has left him wheelchair bound, but fighting hard to regain his ability to walk and talk without the use of a device, all while trying to make it clear that his mind works perfectly. Then, this year in February, he lost his younger brother, Ethen Jack, to suicide. This has only made him more determined to educate and lift the stigma, so no one has to feel the pain he now feels.

about us ethenTanner speaks anywhere he is invited about prevention and education. While he has a tragic understanding of how suicide affects everyone involved, he also has an incredible outlook and a beautiful vision of a world where families no longer have to lose those they love to suicide. He inspires hope in both youth and adults. He creates an understanding of the value community responsibility and looking out for one another, and he makes it very clear that each person listening is valued and loved beyond anything they can imagine. He inspires those we may have lost to seek help and keep living.

So, put simply.

Tanner’s Hope is that we will all come together to put an end to an epidemic that is taking those we love. His hope is that we not continue to stay silent in fear of suicide, but that we will speak out, educate, fight, research and come together to support those around us. Tanner’s Hope is that one day, with your help, we will truly “Kick Suicides Butt”.

Tanners Hope
Donate to Tanner's Hope, and help spread Tanner's message of Hope in schools across Utah. Suicide is preventable, and you can help.
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